Cook General BioTechnology, LLC (CGBT) is capable of manufacturing cells and providing doses on any scale, from large scale formats to small individual needs.



CGBT is located in 16 Tech Biotechnology District in Indianapolis, Indiana, adjacent to the Indiana University Medical Center.

The facility is designed to meet and exceed the needs of our customers:

  • Multiple Class 10,000 clean rooms and Class 100 workspace
  • Locked, secure facility
  • Multi-layer intrusion monitoring
  • Emergency power from an independent generator
  • UPS battery backup systems for all power-sensitive equipment
  • Smoke, water, and fire detection monitoring
  • Redundant telephony for monitoring systems
  • Standby ULT and LN2 freezers
  • LN2 backup system for ULT freezer and emergency LN2 tank failure
  • Equipment calibrated with NIST traceable probes


Ongoing and Completed Research Grants

CGBT is at the forefront of research in cryopreservation. View a list of our ongoing and complete research grants. 

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