CryoBanking Services

Cook General BioTechnology, LLC's (CGBT) cryopreservation facility has decades of experience keeping your frozen materials safe. Proven to be secure and compliant, our cryobanking service has the capacity to meet the needs of labs of all sizes. We offer bulk storage rates as well as individual sample storage rates for the most cost-effective solution to your needs. Whether you need to store cells or tissues for weeks or for years, CGBT can offer you safe and affordable ways to keep your materials frozen.

Our umbilical cord tissue and umbilical cord blood bank, Genesis Bank is located in our facility along with our male fertility preservation bank, Genome Resources. Through these two services, we are able to offer our services directly to families and individuals who wish to bank their cells.

Contact us today for more details on using CGBT as your lab's cryopreservation facility.

We offer bulk storage rates as well as individual sample storage rates for the most cost effective solution to your needs.

• 2-8°C (Refrigerated)
• -20°C (Freezer)
• -86°C (Ultra-low freezer)
• -196°C (Cryogenic)

Secure, Compliant Storage

The operation of all freezers and refrigerators is actively monitored, and the temperature of each storage unit is recorded. All freezers have alarms that notify personnel in the event that expected temperature ranges are exceeded. All freezer units relay temperature readings via thermocouple sensors to a centralized server and are managed with our environmental monitoring software.

• LN2 back-up systems on all ultra-low freezers, critical emergency SOPs, and emergency contracts with liquid nitrogen vendors

• Diesel back-up power system

• Secure-access facility and laboratories with secured VPN access

• Labeling system in compliance with cGTPs to allow label tracking with our products

• Regulatory compliance through leading industry and association certifications

In addition to fully automated alarms and fill systems, all of our cryostorage units are routinely checked by visual inspection of nitrogen levels and temperature to ensure the highest in quality control.

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